5 Shows Like Money Heist To Stream While You Wait For Part 5

5 Shows Like Money Heist To Stream While You Wait For Part 5
5 Shows Like Money Heist

Here I am sharing the most popular 5 shows like money heist to stream while you wait for part 5 recently Netflix announced the last and fifth season of the la casa de Papel Spanish crime thriller webs series best known for money heist

Money heist is a very popular and record-breaking web series across the world. it is available in many languages and you can directly stream on Netflix. the fourth season of money heist was simply excellent and gave a lot of suspense to viewers about the criminal mind of the professor due to the success of the show.

Netflix finally releases the last season of money heist in two-part while the first part you can watch on September 3, 2021, the second part will arrive on December 3, 2021. there are many audiences who are searching for similar web series like money heist on the web we google it here is our list we hope you like our list.

You can watch the following shows which are similar to money heist:



Number of Seasons: 3

there is a lot of twists and turns that make the bloodline tv series more appealing to television viewers like money heist that’s why it is top on the list. for one thing, it’s not just a story about past secrets. there are many twists that make this show different from other crime shows. but in this show, the about Rayburn’s dark secrets and shameful past, this makes it a great psychological thriller tv series that’s guaranteed to entertain. if want to taste like a money heist series definitely you should watch this. [WATCH ON NETFLIX]

Better call saul

Number of Seasons: 5

we have chosen better call saul on this list simply because it also has a huge global audience and similar to money heist. we couldn’t imagine that there could be another masterpiece show on Netflix better than breaking bad, but Vince Gilligan proved us wrong he created another masterpiece series better call saul.

better call saul is a story about Jim McGill and he is a former common man after that he turns into a criminal lawyer, a saul goodman. saul goodman is a criminal in mind, and he can’t stay away from his criminal activity. the whole story revolves around Jim McGill’s past. [WATCH ON NETFLIX]


Number of Seasons: 3

we know Ozark is all about money laundering. if you like money heist professor criminal mind then i am sure you also fall in love with the main character of Ozark,

Marty byrde builds a financial advisor company with help of his partner in Chicago. his best customer in Chicago is that the Mexican drug cartel. marty’s partner has been cheating Mexican drug cartel for many years and one day Mexican drug cartel knows the truth of frauding money by his partner and they kill his partner and staff.

Marty promising to Mexican drug cartel to clean $8 million money from laundering to save his life he decided to go to the lake of the Ozark city, where he starts afresh money-laundering business. the first three seasons of this show are available on Netflix and the fourth and final seasons still filming maybe Netflix released the final season in 2022. [WATCH ON NETFLIX]

black spot

Number of Seasons: 2

black spot is a mystery crime thriller web series with supernatural taste. the series follows police chief laurène weiss (suliane brahim) as an investigator, major laurène weiss returning to her hometown Villefranche after 20 years to figure out the reason for a small town’s high murder rate.

she investigates with the support of her small team and investigating directly goes to the forest. the forest is a very mysterious place in itself in the town until they figure out that the main reason behind all these murders. the series has two seasons on Netflix. another season is still in question. [WATCH ON NETFLIX]

(el Ministerio del Tiempo) the minister of time

Number of Seasons: 4

in today’s time, it is not so easy to make a web series and movies on time travel i have seen a lot of movies and web series on time travel but many of them flop, and few movies are actually outstanding the minister of the time is one of the best adventure and blockbuster Spanish web series.

the minister of time is world-class sci-fiction theatrical Spanish web series on time travel. it is also known for el ministerio del tiempo.if you like to watch time travel adventure then this web series is a full adventure. el Ministerio del Tiempo is the most popular web series of Netflix.

in this web series, you will see so much suspense, mystery, adventure, drama in short you will forget other web series. three officers work for a secret agency of Spain which are from different eras. they want to try to manipulate history through time travel and directly report to the government of Spain.

this is fantastic sci-fiction webs series and also dubbed in English on Netflix, all the episodes of this web series are so interesting and full of mystery that you will be able to watch the entire web series on a single day. the minister of time has all of the elements that make such a catchable web series like a money heist. [WATCH ON NETFLIX]

I hope one of these web series will entertain you till the new season of money heist arrives.

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